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One of the most profound thing consumers do before buying products or services is to conduct proper due diligence on those they’re going to deal with. Most of the times, it’s all about trying to figure out is a given supplier is who they say they are, or whether a product is as good as proclaimed. Consumer magazines like the consumer report played a huge role in educating consumers in the past. The paper not only helped them discover new commodities, but also set in motion trends that have forever affected the consumer culture as we know it.

Even in an e-commerce setting, consumers still demand to see reviews and other information before they can buy a product or service. There are however, a few areas in the e-commerce niche that don’t have any kind of consumer information to help buyers. The essay writing industry for example doesn’t have standard customer reviews their customers can check out before making buying decisions.

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Students buying papers online

Students buying custom essays online need to be a bit more vigilant in their decision making. Since essay writing companies don’t operate with the same standards as regular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, it is essential to look for the reviews elsewhere. is the choice platform that can help you make the right choice.

Why understands that there are many essay writing companies that don’t provide excellent choices to their consumers. Many of them don’t have a review system which means that there are very few options if any for them to consider. But by harmonizing and writing real reviews consumers will be able to tell the difference between essay writing service providers. also aims at removing the stress out of the essay company search process which would have taken a longer time without a centralized reviews system.

How it works publishes reviews they we get from different quotas. The first set of reviews comes from real customers of essay writing companies from our network of customers who’ve purchased essays from different quotas, we are able to determine the competency of an essay writing firm for the consumers.

In addition, we also have our team members research the activities of every paper writing company fronted to us. We use their feedback, normally in the form of a summary to rank top custom essay writing companies. Students can rest assured that our lists and suggestions are solid.