Centre suggests Aadhaar-like UID for cows to check smuggling

Guillermo Lane
April 25, 2017

Further, the Centre, represented by Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar, has said that a committee headed by the Joint Secretary of the Home Ministry has been formed to find out ways to generate this UID for each cow in India.

In the report, the government also talked about the issue of cow protection and cattle smuggling to Bangladesh. "The UID for cow and its progeny should be made mandatory across India", the Centre asserted. The report also highlights the poor condition of the existing shelter homes and suggests that funding for the shelter home has to be taken care by the state government itself.

In January this year, it was reported that 88 million cows in this country will have unique indentification numbers.

The Centre informed the Supreme Court on Monday that in order to tackle the illegal smuggling of cows and other cattle, it had accepted the recommendation of an expert group to provide a tamper-proof unique identification number (UIN) for each one, using polyurethane tags. It is largely observed that soon after the milk productivity of the cattle ends, they are sold out or smuggled.

Calling for a uniform law for cow preservation and protection in India, the committee has also proposed restrictions on "private inter-state trade/ transportation of cattle" and said that "only government agencies may be allowed inter-state trade/ transportation". "The existing shelter homes lack facility and human resources", it stated.

It said each animal would be tagged with a UIN, with proper records of identification details (age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body colour, horn type, tail switch, etc).

Further, reports claim that almost one lakh technicians have been armed with 50,000 tablets.

The yellow-colored tag is fixed in the centre of the ear lobe.

The ambitious project will be concluded by the end of this year and comes at a cost of Rs 148 crore.

It points out that the Ministry of Agriculture has devised a tamper-proof method for identification of cattle, using polyurethane tags with a unique identification number sequence. The committee gave following recommendations...

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