'Giraffe mom,' newborn visit April the giraffe and baby

Kathleen Mckinney
April 24, 2017

She was somewhat confused at first when she was told giraffes were going to be her specialty at Animal Adventure Park, but she quickly grew to love it. Alyssa says her family and friends have kept her grounded in her newfound fame as April's caretaker. The live cam was still active as of Thursday morning, although the zoo said it would soon come down. People were glued to their computers as they waited for her to give birth to her fourth calf.

Now it is time to say goodbye, at least online.

April welcomed a healthy male calf on April 15, 2017, after a 15-month-long pregnancy.

Keepers at the Harpursville zoo went live on Facebook moments before to thank their viewers for coming with them on the pregnant giraffe ride. Animal Adventure Park has turned off the live streaming 'giraffe-cam, ' ending a 70-day run as a top internet sensation. But they've pledged to continue updating their many new fans on April, Oliver, and the new baby.

Animal Adventure Park is offering the public a chance to give him one at nameaprilscalf.com, where anyone who wants to vote on a name can do so for $1 per vote.

You can also keep connected to the calf by voting for his name. It comes second after League of Legends eSports channel.

Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch said the baby was healthy and April was recovering "perfectly". Not if the viewership of the final video made by staff at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y.

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