How to create shareable videos in 3 simple steps with Apple's Clips

Guillermo Lane
April 9, 2017

LumaFX promises "infinite video effects" for your clips, and while we're not tried to test that claim, the app certainly gives you lots of filters and effects to play around with. Apple has finally learned that social networks are not its biggest strength (remember Ping?) so its new app doesn't have one. An individual clip can be up to 30 minutes long, while the runtime of a finished video can be a maximum of 60 minutes. Each video must have at least one clip.

Just don't try to make a fancy Clips video to share while you're out in social settings. Users can also create videos using the timeline found at the bottom of the screen.

What the app does is it lets the users capture a picture or video from within its set of features or even export other media saved in the iPhone (or iPad) library. Adding the content to a video is pretty easy as well.

What Makes Clips Different From Other Apps?

It's completely up to you (and how much storage space there is on your iPhone). Locking the record button allows you to continuously record without needing to hold your iPhone.

Multiple photos can be combined into a slideshow, a single video can be enhanced, multiple videos can be combined, or photos and videos can be combined.

Photos can be animated by simply pinching and dragging them while recording and videos can be edited within the app so you get the ideal shots.

Taking a photo in this app requires two things: taking the photo, and holding the red button titled "Hold to add this photo". Tap the retake button to take a new photo. Well, simply speak it out and Clips with transcribe them for you. You can also choose where you want the captions to appear on the video. These can function as neat title cards for telling a story. This option was partly driven by the way people are watching video online now - text only, no audio - which makes sense.

The tools that you're likely to want most often, like audio mute, are kept front and center, and you can stitch several clips together if you want. "Choose from different styles and tap any title to adjust text and punctuation". Be sure to speak clearly and at a moderate pace for the best results. All three work similarly, and support Live Titles. If you want to undo Live Titles, you don't unselect the Live Titles icon; you have to go into the Live Titles options and select "None". On top of that you can fix a few common video problems, like color casts or having your video in the wrong orientation. And, really, it's an offline video-editing tool that can post your creations afterward. Remember, you're not committed to that text.

There are eight filters altogether, but Ink and Comic Book appear to be the most used filters. While most buttons aren't labeled, we quickly figured out how to add filters, emojis, and music.

In other words, you can tap on the contact and then Messages will open with the contact field already populated, ready for you to add text or press send. It keeps some of its effects and filters as paid-for add-ons, but there's still plenty to explore for free.

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