Elephant kills hunter in Zimbabwe

Tina Ray
May 23, 2017

Botha's group spooked the herd and three elephant cows immediately charged at them - prompting Botha to open fire on the animals, according to South Africa's News24. But then a fourth elephant charged Botha from the side and lifted him with her trunk.

Theunis Botha passed away when a member of his group shot the elephant cow on a hunt on Friday.

Botha, who operates Game Hounds Safaris, was a noted houndsman and often led leopard and lion hunting trips with his pack of dogs. He was an expert in the use of dogs in hunting and his usual activity was the safari for leopards and lions with his dogs.

A South African professional hunter died on Friday evening after being trampled by a herd of elephants during a hunting expedition at a farm in Gwayi, Matabeleland North Province.

In response, one of the other hunters shot the perturbed pachyderm, killing it. It goes on to say "Theunis embraced his heart's passion and engaged in fulltime big game hound safaris in and around South Africa".

Well, we have another hunter-related death, as a South African hunter was crushed to death by an elephant after the elephant was shot.

Online reaction to Botha's death has seen many commentators remark on the alleged "karma" of him being killed by the very animal he was hunting.

Mrs Botha is expected to travel to Zimbabwe to bring her husband body's home. In addition to his wife, Botha is survived by five children.

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