Federal spending plan reimburses New York City for Trump security

Raquel Nash
May 4, 2017

In a rare provision, roughly another $60 million would be set aside to repay local municipalities, like New York City and Palm Beach County in Florida, that have incurred "extraordinary law enforcement personnel costs" associated with protecting Trump's residences since Election Day.

The spending agreement has garnered bipartisan support as a necessary measure to protect the president and provide relief to local police departments that have footed "extraordinary" costs to do so, the Times reported.

New York's Trump Tower presented the most expensive security challenge, involving heavily armed police who have had a full-time presence outside the 58-story building since the real estate mogul became the Republican nominee in July.

Around $34 million going toward the Secret Service could also be used to protect the first family in NY, and when the older Trump children take business or vacation trips.

The $1 trillion spending deal reached by top ranking members of Congress includes $68 million to reimburse local law enforcement agencies - the NYPD among them - for the cost of providing security to President Donald Trump and his family.

New York City says it spent $24 million during the period between the election to the inauguration, when Trump spent much of his time in Trump Tower in New York. That figure more than doubles to an average cost of $308,000 per day whenever the president is in town.

He and Police Commissioner James O'Neill worked for several months with New York's congressional delegation to have the funds included in the deal, he said.

But some - including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer - have criticized the unusually high cost of Trump's security detail.

Protecting his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Springs costs $60,000 per day when Mr Trump stays there.

Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) on Monday also applauded the funds, some of which will help reimburse Palm Beach County for safeguarding Trump during the president's visits there.

When outlining his $84.9 billion executive city budget for fiscal 2018 on Wednesday, de Blasio said the city normally handles occasional visits from Presidents, but not ongoing costs to keep the First Family secure in Trump Tower. "But now and by the end of the funding bill, we have to have a discussion about whether it is appropriate for the president to bill the taxpayers for trips to his private club".

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