Here's a look at SpaceX's top secret spy satellite, Falcon 9

Guillermo Lane
May 4, 2017

SpaceX wants to launch thousands of satellites in an effort to bring high-speed internet to everyone in the world.

Elon Musk's SpaceX launched a top-secret spy satellite for the USA government and then successfully landed the booster for recycling, the AP reports. The rocket also marked a successful landing at a nearby pad.

Today's mission was the fourth SpaceX booster landing at Cape Canaveral, FL.

Instead, Elon Musk's firm released multiple videos of its rocket returning to Earth and carefully landing on the surface of the historic Kennedy Space Centre launchpad 39A.

Details of what the government satellite will be used for are classified. Not much is known about the satellite or its spying capabilities, but as WIRED US reports, it is the first time the surveillance agency has trusted a company other than the United Launch Alliance to launch one of its objects.

Here's a look at SpaceX's top secret spy satellite, Falcon 9

Until now, the USA military has spent billions per year exclusively with United Launch Alliance, a joint operation of aerospace giants Boeing and Lockheed Martin, to launch government satellites.

For years, the market for launching USA military payloads was dominated by the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

This was reportedly the first mission SpaceX took on for the United States military, which makes access to any other information about the secret spy satellite mission, dubbed NROL-76, close to nil. This fly is for commercial satellite customer SES SA.

This will be SpaceX's second launch for the month of May, and if all goes according to plan, yet a third launch will successfully send a payload to the International Space Station on May 31 with CRS-11.

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