Lebanese ministry calls for ban of Wonder Woman movie

Tina Ray
May 31, 2017

So it stands to reason that when "critics" don't really like a movie, there will probably still be plenty of people who will readily forgive the flaws they picked out and love it anyway, but the opposite isn't quite as likely.

Wonder Woman is produced by Charles Roven, Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder, with Richard Suckle, Stephen Jones, Wesley Coller, Geoff Johns and Rebecca Roven serving as executive producers.

Helmed by Patty Jenkins, this origin story takes fans to the incredible island of Themyscira, where Amazons have spent centuries training to face off against the fallen God of War, Ares.

Gadot has spoken publicly about her time in the Israeli military. "But while "Wonder Woman" may dabble in moments of horror, it never revels in the vicissitudes of human depravity quite like its predecessors", Variety's Andrew Barker wrote. An ample amount of time is spent on Diana's youth, showing how she's treated as the sole princess of Themyscira and how she begins training to be the best warrior. It's because of such offhand moments as the way she infiltrates a bad guy's soiree. "They do not deserve you", Hippolyta warns her daughter, who insists on sailing off with the Yankee soldier and spy to fulfill her tribe's noble duty of protecting the defenseless from German mustard gas and other horrors. Playing the Dr. Jane Foster to her Thor, Steve not only is her smart and savvy guide through the world of mortals, but also her love interest and partner in saving the world. "Gadot doesn't spin like a top to transform from Diana to Wonder Woman - and her skimpy getup is a more modest and dignified affair than Carter's cleavage-baring leotard and impractical high heels". She's pretty simple. She is like the parallel of Superman.

It's been a long while coming, with various attempts at making the movie happen, but now the world's most famous female superhero - who first appeared back in 1941 - has her own solo film. "She's a neat sort-of throwback to the circa-1978 "Superman, ' which was similarly anchored by a superhero of intense goodness", IndieWire's Kate Erbland explained when she gave the film an A-". The movie now sits at above a 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics hailing the film for its levity and for the power of star Gal Gadot's performance. Wonder Woman-has never starred in her own live-action film. "How deliciously ironic that in a genre where the boys seem to have all the fun, a female hero and a female director are the ones to show the fellas how it's done", Chris Nashawaty wrote in his EW review. The wait is over, folks.

Reviewers haven't been kind to DCEU films in the last few years. Considering the vast difference between the two movies, it's clear that the R-rating has a lot of potential for the genre.

What promised to be "a glass-ceiling-smashing blockbuster" is more like "a future camp classic", and the opportunities for "patriarchy-upending subversion", or even "romcom sparks" are left unexplored.

The harshest review is from The Guardian's Steve Rose, who calls Gadot's Wonder Woman "a weaponized Smurfette".

With the press embargo on reviews of "Wonder Woman" lifted early this morning four days before its wide release (the appearance of early reviews is generally a good sign), it's time to look at what the critics are saying.

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