May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Kathleen Mckinney
May 12, 2017

Lynn, who has battled mental health issues herself, visited the pupils of the service at the Beacon Building on College Street, which helps pupils with complex and medical needs return to mainstream provision. Research with referrers to our food bank (such as Global Positioning System, mental health services, schools and children's centres) highlights the same issue; nine out of 10 cite seeing poorer mental health as a direct effect of poverty.

"Also [exercise] can be mood changing".

"We would like to see employers encouraging greater openness about mental health so sufferers don't feel isolated, stigmatized or scared they will lose their jobs if they admit to having problems. And now how are we going to help them with this so they can learn to feel better, be more in control of their lives, and find some internal peace?"

And like alcohol abuse, those who recognized prescription drug misuse were much more likely to recommend self-help strategies than professional help, whereas those who did not identify the misuse were more likely to recommend professional help than self-help.

Mental Health and suicide prevention campaigners Jonny Benjamin MBE, Neil Laybourn and Telegraph Journalist, Bryony Gordon will be joining walkers.

I saw something on twitter earlier today, an inspiring story from a man who lives with depression, and how football saved his life. They only want someone to be there and walk alongside them.

If you are in distress and need to talk to somebody, you can call the Samaritans free, at any time on 116 123. "So, I'm not so sure that that is any better than it has been".

Data obtained through Freedom of Information requests last month showed that four regions of the United Kingdom were reducing spending on mental-health care by £4.5 million, despite NHS England's saying that an extra £1 billion investment was needed in services by 2021. We need to recognise the positive strategies that work for us and put them into practice when things feel hard.

Since mental-health issues tend to be cyclical, stress-sensitive disorders, the fifth and final article examines the importance of responsibly adhering to treatment protocol, avoiding relapses - or recurrences of illness - and maintaining a lifestyle that promotes getting and staying well.

"If you have any kind of mental or physical illnesses, see your healthcare provider regularly", said Dr. Greg Smith, chief of psychiatric services with Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health Center. While any such activity that distracts or grounds you can work to shift your focus to something less stressful, one of the most important things to cope in a healthy manner, something Haley Kaminski emphasized when sharing her story of mental illness with Cochrane High students.

Everybody goes through hard periods in their life where they will experience overwhelming and painful emotions. A Tribunal claim will be stressful both for the individual and the managers who have to deal with it, and can be expensive for the business. Over the last 10 years, this funding has not kept up with health care inflation, resulting in a 29 percent decrease in the real value of funding for fiscal year 2017 compared to 10 years ago. "What is your outlook for the future?" "We have to get people away from that". We share experiences on a weekly basis, and yes, a lot of them are very bad, but I don't really think that matters.

In response to these findings, the Mental Health Foundation is calling for the introduction of a "100 per cent health" screen - incorporating mental health screening into existing health screening programmes so that mental health conditions are spotted and treated before they become acute.

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