Microsoft launches new database tools

Francis Harris
May 13, 2017

Amazon RDS also supports a service Amazon calls Aurora, which is a MySQL- and Postgres-compatible database of Amazon's own fashioning. In this case, database calls are routed automatically to the closest region.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has chose to use one of this year's biggest tech events to remind developers about the edge computing. Azure Database Migration Service, now in limited preview, automates the assessment, schema conversions and data transfer of on-premises databases to Azure. The translation between the externally exposed APIs and internal data representation needed to be efficient. Cosmos DB is designed for "planet-scale" applications, giving developers fine control over the replication policies and reliability.

For those lost on the type of cloud computing tasks that Azure handles: Microsoft Azure is not your typical cloud computing service that allows you to directly upload your selfies and work on documents.

Cosmos DB is the evolution of DocumentDB, the company's cloud-based NoSQL database for storing and serving up information for applications in JSON.

Partners said they're happy that Azure IoT Edge fleshes out Microsoft's platform as a whole so that solution providers in the manufacturing market can also use the platform's Azure Machine Learning, artificial intelligence features, Azure IoT Hub, and Stream Analytics services.

For those that don't think that Microsoft is gunning for Oracle, well the Redmond company also launched a migration service that allows developers to take third-party and SQL Server databases to the Azure SQL Database - with Big Red being one of those third-party vendors.

Replication policies are declarations rather than design decisions for the developer, with Microsoft offering service level guarantees around uptime, performance, latency and consistency accordingly.

Microsoft is providing an early look at new tools meant to help customers switch from Oracle's database to Microsoft's rival product in the cloud, Azure SQL Database as a Service.

"MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are popular choices amongst open source developers to build and deploy applications be it - Web, mobile, content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), business, or analytical applications", Microsoft data exec Rohan Kumar said in a blog post.

We are still in the early days to see how well Cosmos DB performs in the real world but Microsoft did say that customers like are already using the technology and the platform is processing 100 trillion transactions per day. Azure Cloud Shell embeds a shell into the Azure documentation webpages, making it easy to try out new commands and test what they do without having to manually copy and paste them between the page and a separate shell window. This new Azure Cloud Shell will complement the IDE and the Azure Portal.

Industry media outlets were quick to characterize Microsoft's Azure-based data offerings in comparison to AWS.

This product from Microsoft appears to be the company's response to Google's Spanner technology. "In the year ahead, we are excited about usage growth coming from commercial deployments and new devices - and increasing customer delight with Windows", Microsoft's spokesperson told ZDnet in July 2016.

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