More Messenger app users to get Instant Games

Francis Harris
May 4, 2017

In addition to this, the company has also made new features available for developers which will allow them to create more engaging games with rich gameplay - all inside the Messenger app. "When developers start to take advantage of these new capabilities everyone wins with more dynamic and engaging gaming experiences", the company added.

"Rich gameplay" features keep players of turn-based games competitive with leaderboards and tournaments, ideal for titles like the ever popular "Words with Friends" and, new to the group, the hit 8 Ball Pool from Miniclip. "We're excited to partner with Facebook in reimagining Words With Friends for Instant Games on Messenger - bringing its iconic gameplay and rich social experience directly to the places that people are communicating".

Playing games in Facebook Messenger is no longer a solo affair. A developer will be able to create a game bot that is able to communicate with the player, regarding game rewards and levels, nearly similar to the way in which EverWing, a game, does. The Instant Games would be one of the sections in the Messenger window.

Detailed back at F8, Instant Games is essentially a little category inside of Messenger.

Facebook responded to the requests which asked them to introduce turn-based games, but they surprised everybody with their collaboration with Zynga for Words with Friends. They include the world's no 1 Pool game - Miniclip's 8 Ball Pool - and Instant Games. To increase engagement with the platform, Facebook's also allowing developers to create bots. Game Bots will communicate with the player about new rewards, levels, and gaming experiences.

The move to improve Instant Games on Messenger is a direct response to Apple's own iMessage apps. Chat is the center of the mobile phone, so users are more likely to use the Instant Games, while chatting. In addition, the conventional app stores on smartphones are a mix of popular and mediocre games, making it hard to select games.

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