Overwatch Teases 'Horizon Lunar Colony,' Could Indicate Map, Hero, or Anything Really

Francis Harris
May 31, 2017

In a post on the official Overwatch blog, you'll find an in-universe report on the Horizon Lunar Colony. The fictional company Lucheng Interstellar said in a fake press conference that they discovered the colony's databases and monitoring systems are still operational, potentially referencing a new map.

Interestingly, one of the emails makes mention of Hammond, a gorilla that had escaped confinement and been on the run for a week, leading many to speculate that he may, like Winston, be another highly intelligent primate that escaped the facility before the uprising that resulted in the scientists' deaths. Another email mentions that scientists on the colony have heard "strange sounds coming through the ventilation system throughout the colony", a possible clue that Hammond could be a smaller, stealthier genetically modified gorilla. The final image shoes that two specimens are missing - one named Winston, and the other named Hammond.

It could also be the first look at a new map set in the Horizon Lunar Colony.

Given the fact that Overwatch's lore exists only in blogs and trailers rather than-against all logic-a campaign mode, casual Overwatch fans would be forgiven for not immediately recognizing the import of the Horizon Lunar Colony. A Moon map will be a cool addition to the shooter, and perhaps it can also include the gravitational effects of battling in space.

Blizzard may be teasing the first look at a new Overwatch hero, and it might be a gorilla. According to the intel, some of the animals going through similar genetic therapy that Winston underwent have become unstable and now Winston and another subject who goes by Hammond, are M.I.A.

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