Tokyo RPG Factory announces Lost Sphear for PS4, Switch, and PC

Francis Harris
May 31, 2017

Square Enix, on behalf of Tokyo RPG Factory, has announced their new title, Lost Sphear. Of course these are all features which were included in I Am Setsuna, but this time around they'll be much improved.

Lost Sphear (pronounced "Lost Sphere") follows the story of Kanata, a young boy who wakes up from a bad dream to find his home vanishing. Kanata will be using the power of Memory to build the world back as it was.

The game is called Lost Sphear and will be available for the PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch platforms from early 2018.

See the first trailer and learn early details about Lost Sphear.

The physical release is now a Square Enix Online Store exclusive for the console versions, starting at £39.99 or $49.99. Lost Sphear hopes to keep up the goodwill towards the studio, and establish it as a key player in the industry.

Focusing on what they do best, Tokyo RPG Factory is continuing their theme of making JRPGs based on the 16-bit era with their upcoming title. Modernising the classic JRPG formula for modern players. Pre-orderers nab themselves two extra music tracks at launch.

These days, you pick up a Japanese role-playing game like Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5 and you're expected to devote your entire life to it.

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