Volvo Cars to build Android into new connected cars

Francis Harris
May 17, 2017

Google is also integrating its Assistant into GE home appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers and dryers. Unlike Android Auto standalone smartphone integration, the new built-in system requires no tethered phone and will offer apps developed by Google, Volvo and third parties. Numerous apps will focus on connected and predictive services as it relates to the vehicle.

Google's dedicated website for I/O 2017 says that the company will be focusing on four major themes including Building on Mobile, Beyond Mobile, Grow and Earn, and Platforms. If Google's ambition is to have Assistant available everywhere, Apple's iOS devices appear to be its next frontier. The aforementioned Google Allo hit iTunes on the same day as the Android version this past fall.

The VW-owned auto company will be bringing what it calls the Audi Q8 sport concept technology platform - in other words a concept vehicle dashboard - to this week's Google I/O developer conference.

The search giant already demonstrated a Maserati running Android at its Google I/O developer conference a year ago. But with the passage of time, Google will make it support Voice commands through pushing various updates.

Google's AI will show up in other new products this week.

Although the automaker has given a roughly two-year timeframe for the release of the Android based system, it has more immediate plans with Google in the works. The expansion of Google Assistant to iOS is just the latest news and changes that Google is making to Google Assistant. It would also put Assistant head-to-head with Siri on Siri's home turf. On a practical level, AI features in services like the Google Assistant and Google Photos allow automatic recognition of the content photographs, the context of a communication and more. The foundation for this is the Android platform. Google is going to arrange its I/O event on 17 of May.

Your next vehicle could be a giant Android device on wheels.

Android Police reports that according to trusted sources, the possibility of this happening is confirmed but the timeline is still a grey area.

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