Days Gone shows off zombie wolves and bears in new trailer

Guillermo Lane
June 13, 2017

Zombies are a dime a dozen but SIE Blend Studios is looking to do something a little different with Days Gone.

The culmination of all things a zombie fan could want is Day Gone and we have some awesome details about the game that have just been revealed to us from Sony's live E3 2017 conference that is underway as of right now. Thanks to the latter, freakers assaulted the camp, which allowed Deacon to get away before coming across yet more of the not-zombies.

And zombie humans are one thing. It seems stealth will play a big role in the final game.

The gameplay culminates in a showdown, in which we get a bit more of Deacon's personality (he's a smooth talker and quick shooter) during a standoff.

The gameplay looks rather cinematic, much in the vein of a game like Uncharted, it even has those pesky quick-time events for some combat scenes. Nonetheless, Days Gone is turning out to be a real head turner, and it certainly looks the part.

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