Fox News Dumps 'Fair & Balanced' Slogan After 21 Years

Tina Ray
June 15, 2017

The tag has been with the network since Ailes launched it in 1996, noted NY mag's All-thing-Fox-News reporter Gabe Sherman, who broke this story.

New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman reported on Wednesday that Fox News will no longer use the longtime slogan, instead highlighting the network's ratings dominance with the new slogan, "Most Watched". The reason the network doesn't want to use the tagline anymore in advertising is that it is too associated with former network chief Roger Ailes, who was ousted previous year in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

"Fair & Balanced" hasn't been used in any external marketing or on-air promos since late August 2016.

After Ailes left the network, Fox News continued to be dogged by negative press. It was also instrumental in obfuscating the network's right-leaning agenda, a goal Ailes admitted to in multiple interviews during his life. He died last month at age 77. Another source reportedly told the magazine that "Fair & Balanced" was too closely associated with Alies.

One part of that transformation, evidently, is changing Fox News's mantra.

The slogan has been synonymous with the conservative news channel since its inception, even as critics have used the phrase ironically thanks to personalities (like Sean Hannity) and shows (like Fox & Friends) that hardly follow that rule.

It might seem odd for the network to suddenly care that its venerable slogan is widely mocked, after so many years of emphatically not caring. During a seminar with investors last December, 21st Century Fox chief James Murdoch was asked if Fox News' programming was indeed "fair and balanced".

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