Neill Blomkamp's 'Oats' Trailer Reveals Strange Alien Creatures

Francis Harris
June 3, 2017

In the wake of his scrapped Alien sequel, Blomkamp has been teasing his new project, Oats Studios, for some time. Both Blomkamp and M. Night Shyamalan had incendiary directorial debuts that, despite being ostensibly genre films, managed to reinvent their respective genres in exciting ways, Shyamalan with horror and Blomkamp with science fiction.

Sci-fi specialist Neill Blomkamp is serving up a taste of Oats Studios, his new venture creating experimental short films for distribution online. He first rose to prominence with a series of impressive short films like Alive in Joburg, which served as the inspiration for the blockbuster District 9 (which earned four Academy Award nomination). But while the particulars of the movie are lacking in detail, the trailer is nothing short of a top-notch sci-fi film. The female narrator hints that the invaders came to exterminate humanity, and that the only choice is to adapt or die. A new trailer, released today, for a short film now named "Volume 1" will stream on Steam "soon". Known as Oats Studios "Volume 1," these films aren't coming to the art-house cinema or even YouTube.

The cryptic trailer opens with a shot of a dilapidated Eiffel Tower, as a voiceover says, "We were once mankind".

Blomkamp first revealed the project past year after asking fans if they would be interested in purchasing short films off the (majorly) gaming platform Steam. In the meantime, Oats Studios will actively encourage budding filmmakers to make shorts of their own, with assets from Volume 1 - 3D models, footage, music and so on - planned to appear on Steam for "a nominal price". If you want to keep up to date on Oats Studios' stuff, their Twitter account is also worth a follow.

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