NY subway riders stage graduation for student stuck on delayed train

Tina Ray
June 2, 2017

Though Alcantara was set to arrive at 9:15AM, the train continued to languish for another three hours without moving.

The delays ultimately extinguished Alcantara's hopes, so he and some of his family and friends who were on the train chose to make the best of the situation by holding their own ceremony on the train as Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" played in the background.

Jerich Alcantara with classmates from Hunter College in New York City.

But fellow passengers surprised the college graduate and chose to throw him a "ceremony" to compensate for the holdup.

That's what happened to one student in Queens, New York. It soon became clear that Jerich, decked out in his full academic regalia, wasn't going to make it to the ceremony in time, and that's when his friends, family, and fellow commuters stepped in to help.

We've reached out to Alcantara for comment and will update should we hear back.

"Every graduation you go to is the same, but ours was held on the MTA, for better or worse", said Alcantara's best friend, Bobby Rahman.

Once above ground, the nursing student said he and his companions "rushed to the commencement to see if we could make it in time, but saw a bunch of people in gowns on the streets", realizing it was too late. But he and a few classmates made the most of it. So, they threw him a ceremony in the subway vehicle.

"And they played some music for me there as well", he said. Alcantara said he couldn't have asked for a better way to cap off his college career.

Alcantara said he will be getting his actual diploma in the mail sometime soon. The president of Hunter College told Fox 5 that she is looking forward to handing it to Alcantara personally.

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