Ontario to increase minimum wage to $15/hour

Terrell Bush
June 1, 2017

Removing all exemptions to the minimum wage. Many people while working on minimum need social assistance to make ends meet, he said. Sidnbois works in the Byward Market, where he's been employed by Rochon Gardens for the last couple of weeks, selling fruits and vegetables.

Extending and increasing access to just cause protection for all workers, unionized and non-unionized workers alike.

Balsom did not dispute the figure, but said all levels of government should be taking steps to ensure the cost of living is lower.

The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, as brought forward by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, includes a range of changes to the Labour Relations Act and Employment Standards Act, and is expected to be reviewed by government committees through the summer in anticipation of being passed as legislation this fall. Now it is only available to employees at companies with more than 50 people, but proposed legislation would ensure all employees in the province get 10 days per year, two of them paid.

The reforms also include changes to paid vacations, emergency leave and makes it easier for people to join a union.

The OFL's www.MakeItFair.ca campaign takes on issues of inequality in the workforce, and coincides with the province's "Changing Workplaces Review".

Minimum wage increases, therefore, should be implemented gradually and predictably, the opposite of what Wynne's doing.

She was speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.

If each of them makes more dough, the company warns it could impact the price of that dough. "I worry about what it does to employers, especially small business employers", said Stephen Bolton, chief executive of London-based Libro Credit Union, Southwestern Ontario's largest credit union.

Monique Moreau with the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses agrees, "It's a big increase, it's coming quickly and this is on top of other increases that the government has scheduled on payroll taxes, on hydro, the cap and trade".

"They're either going to be laying people off, firing people, closing their businesses, not hiring any new employees, certainly not hiring any students".

At the same time, the Liberals have tossed another hand grenade at Patrick Brown and his Progressive Conservatives, trying to force him into a position either for or against the minimum wage hike.

The province's changes to workplace laws will also establish fairer rules for scheduling, including making employers pay three hours of wages if they cancel a shift with fewer than 48 hours notice, Wynne said.

"I would hope that any political leader would support us in this endeavour", Flynn continued. "Today's really a good day for the little guy".

As Canada's leading union for retail and food workers, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW Canada) represents over 250,000 workers across the country - and more than 105,000 members in Ontario - working in the food retail and processing, agriculture, health care, security, and hospitality industries, as well as other sectors of the economy. Energy heavyweight Alberta is planning to raise its minimum wage to C$15 by 2018.

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