Poll shows 65% of Americans disapprove President Trump's job performance

Lance Nichols
June 18, 2017

Eight years after it first appeared forcefully on the national political scene, the Tea Party remains influential with Texas voters, with 16 percent saying they would vote for a congressional candidate from the Tea Party over Republicans and Democrats if that were an option.

Trump took notice of the poll on Friday, tweeting about it with celebratory "Great news!"

The survey suggests Trump faces considerable challenges as he seeks to position himself as a unifying figure.

Almost as many Americans, 64 percent, disapprove of Trump's climate change policies. Twenty-five percent of GOP respondents in the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll said Trump attempted to impede or obstruct the investigation through that firing. This seems likely a result of the settling of the post-election enthusiasm that buoyed Republican perceptions in the immediate wake of Trump's election and inauguration.

There are other worrying signs for Trump.

Trump's favorability fell slightly from the poll's last survey in February, when 46 percent of respondents viewed him positively. But 15 percent of Republicans hold a positive view of Russian Federation, 45 percent a negative view, and 40 percent are neutral. "But Texas Republicans are holding steady". That contention aligns with the views of Republican voters in Texas. Democrats were more likely than Republicans to express favorable views of the federal law enforcement agency: 51 percent have favorable opinions and 15 percent had unfavorable views; among Republicans, 43 percent were positive and 35 percent were negative.

Here is everything Trump has tweeted since he was sworn in as 45th president of the United States. During the campaign, many of his competitors and critics expected that his supporters would eventually render negative judgments of his volatile temperament, his lack of concern for consistency and truthfulness and his questionable competence.

Rasmussen has been a consistent outlier since Trump took office, however, with the president sitting at 39.9 percent when averaging all major approval polls, including Rasmussen. Only 5 percent of self-identified Democrats said he has the temperament for the office, while 68 percent of self-identified Republicans said he does have the proper temperament. "They continue to embrace him". Once again, the answers were colored by party affiliation: 74 percent of Democratic voters said yes, while 80 percent of Republican voters said no. Even 33 percent of Republicans disapprove of his handling of the issue.

While the White House has always been defined by tumult and some Republicans have been withdrawing from the president for a while, recent signs have been particularly worrying for Trump.

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