Wife: Man who shot congressman wanted to work on tax policy

Lance Nichols
June 17, 2017

When asked who would win the Congressional baseball game, Congressman Brad Sherman, who is a Democrat from California, answered "America".

Scalise, meanwhile, continued to improve, his doctors said.

Also wounded in the attack were Congressional staffer Zachary Barth, Tyson Foods' Director of Government Relations Matt Mika, and Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner.

"It was not threatening, "if you vote this way we'll remember you" if you're a political activist that means you're going to work harder against me next time, you don't take that as a physical threat", said Bost.

On Google's review page for JHT Inspections, one recent reviewer claimed that she had hired Hodgkinson to inspect her home and gotten a bad feeling about him during the transaction. "She had no idea he felt as strong as he did", Wagner said.

She explained, her husband sold his southern IL home inspection business months ago. And Walsh and Hodgkinson grew up in the same neighborhood.

"I hope the outcome of this tragedy will be unity, where we put our partisan differences aside and recognize that we are all here for a common objective", she said in a statement on Wednesday.

In Belleville, residents continued to grapple with the news that one of their own, a man many knew could be quick to anger, but who many said didn't show outward signs of violence, could have committed the mass shooting.

"I am sickened by this despicable act", Bernie Sanders said. She also said she didn't know exactly who was shot on Wednesday, but she is sorry that he did this. While it fires the same round as the early versions of the Kalashnikov, it can fire only in a semiautomatic mode unless the trigger is specially modified.

Dozens of reporters have been stationed outside Hodgkinson's two-storey house on the outskirts of Belleville since he was first named in media reports on Wednesday morning. "He didn't run with the pack - he was a lone wolf", Holbrook said. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still canvassing Alexandria, Va., and here in Belleville. It's lots of farmland, acres of corn and soybean fields.

The FBI is investigating the situation and is looking into Hodgkinson's exact motive.

Balderston said that on Sunday Hodgkinson was climbing on and off a stationary bike, walking in and out of the room and "talking back to the news, switching among all three stations".

While in Alexandria, Hodgkinson regularly visited Pork Barrel, a BBQ restaurant in Del Ray, Alexandria. It was written on notepad paper and had the names of at least three Republican congressmen on it, including representative Jeff Duncan, who spoke with Hodgkinson before the attack.

MARILYN BLAHA: I think it kind of brings people together if anything, you know? "He'd be sitting on the bench all day in the hot sun with his black bag". Fellow YMCA patrons saw him there most mornings working on his laptop.

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