'Will not be silenced' Sen. Kamala Harris interrupted by male colleagues again

Lance Nichols
June 17, 2017

Last week, newly-elected California Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) tried her hand at the national exposure game. Elizabeth Warren, another Democratic women rebuked by the G.O.P for her words. Those who know her also know she doesn't back down.

Harris's response was a hair flip, one that's now making its rounds on the internet again.

Harris: Did you have any communications with Russian officials for any reason during the campaign that have not been disclosed in public or to this committee?

POWERS: "I think she asked a lot of questions, actually".

Powers: "But he wasn't hysterical, she was".

To those who have observed hearings on Capitol Hill, especially high-visibility televised hearings involving partisan subjects, there has been little or nothing unusual about Harris's behavior. They only had five minutes to ask questions.

The result, one side rushing, the other stalling, is never pretty. OK, I just wanted to clear that up.

She is California's first African-American senator and the first Indian-American senator in the country. Sessions' actions, though a bit irritating, were not unusual, as many in similar situations have used the same stall tactic.

"Mr. Sessions, a nswer the question".

The pitch for cash stemmed from Tuesday's Senate Intelligence Committee grilling of Sessions.

"If you watch her, she doesn't often times let people answer the question, that's a fact", Jedediah Bila then said. So I need to be correct as best I can and I'm not able to be rushed this fast.

And certainly these Senate committee hearings have stressed to me how important it is that we continue to make our voices heard.

Sessions, clearly flustered, answered, "Well, will you let me qualify it?"

Over on CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert brought up Miller's treatment of Harris in his monologue about Sessions' testimony.

Harris is a Black woman that has always been passionate about her career, and that same passion can be seen in her delivery method of questioning in the last two televised hearings.

At that moment, Sen. But she was interrupted by pre-twilighter John McCain.

BILA: No, no. She doesn't let them answer to the point where they're like, can I answer the question? Richard Burr amid Harris's questioning, "The witness should be allowed to answer the question". Jeff Sessions looked relieved at the interruption, to put it mildly.

The ex-Trump aide defended his position by saying Harris was "trying to shout down" Sessions and that this was the second hearing in a row she had acted in this manner. Sessions then squinted and the corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly.

If only this tweet would get old, but nope still relevant because the white dudes keep interrupting Senator Kamala Harris.

Sessions, however, seemed to struggle as he was asked to name the policy he cited.

The scene Wednesday was almost identical to one that played out during a hearing last week, when Harris was questioning Rosenstein.

"Well, I am unable to answer the questions", Sessions said.

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